• Expatriate Payroll

    Expatriate payroll has always been one of the main “hot” topics when managing international employees. Since its creation, ITX has been constantly developing its ERP to offer its clients a true customizable tool which adapts to the particulars of each client. Our system provides efficient solutions for all type of payroll and includes, in its basic version available to all our clients, the following features: • Multi-currencies • Exchange rate differential • Expense report reimbursement
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  • ITX value adds

    • Significant cost reduction thanks to teams specialized in complex international mobility matters. • Identification and formalization of group’ rules and practices (Mobility Guide) that brings coherence to the management of international mobility. • State of the Art IT Infrastructure, and ISO 9001:2008 certified.
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  • Who benefits from ITX

    Who Benefits from ITX
    • Any company facing the challenges of expatriation with a dozen of different compensation structures, policies, social coverages and a multitude of particular cases. • Any company looking for flexibility and adaptability for competitive International Mobility packages. • Groups who need to bring cohesion to managing mobility, especially TCN’s (Third Country Nationals) and External Hires. • Groups that need to move staff fast and repeatedly across borders. The ITX service becomes a “strategic tool”!
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