ITX services may be summarized by a simple statement:

“We implement and manage Global Employment Companies (GECTM).”

ITX’s “Externalized in house service solution” is based on a long term customer relationship that takes the shape of a partnership where our specialists operate on behalf of our Clients who own 100%, monitor and control their GECTM. The GECTM hence becomes a fully integrated International HR Department within Client’s organization.

The scope of our services covers the following:

  • Design International Mobility Policies
  • Draw expatriates’ employment contracts.
  • Prepare rebilling agreements between the GECTM and Group’s affiliates.
  • Control and reimbursement of expense reports.
  • Run expatriates’ monthly payroll. (Read More)
  • Full HR administration (pre-assignment package presentation, expatriate support, contacts with host affiliates…).
  • Accounting.
  • Build comprehensive international social coverage (health, life and disability, pension…).
  • Rebilling to designated cost bearing entities.
  • Package recalculation and reconciliation.
  • Financial reporting (consolidation, expatriate cost control…).
  • Liaise and coordinate with third party stakeholders (immigration – relocation -movers…).

Based on its long experience, expertise and Know-How, ITX developed two separate services:

  • Auditing
  • Consulting

We believe each Client is unique and for this reason we will tailor the system that truly fits the needs of our Customers rather than applying a “one size fits all” solution.

We remain available for any question through our Contact Us section and we invite you to take some time to read our Case Studies which will provide you with different insights.