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Study context and purposes

This company currently assigns their international workforce on a case by case basis and is encountering difficulties in practice without a clear understanding of the drivers that led to such situations.

They wish to come to clear rules that make sense and monitor more closely business needs.

In this context ITX was asked to carry out an objective and solid analysis of a panel of current population, for a first combination of countries, namely Germany/Russia.

The present study consists of a comparison between the current status of German international employees (i.e. an expatriate status with benefits maintained in the home country, in whole or in part), versus a transfer under a pure local employment contract in Russia.

Such a comparison requires to consider the two countries differences of labor law, of social security coverage, as well as possible loss of benefits and mobility package in the context of a local transfer.

Specifically, we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of local contract, for both the employee and the company and the possible alternatives.

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