Centralized Management using a Global Employment Company (GEC™) solution

Building perfect employment condition cohesion in managing large pools of expatriates across multiple subsidiaries.

The Challenge

As this multinational is constantly expanding across borders, it has a continuous need to move the right competencies to the right places. To achieve that, it was necessary to centralize the management of the group’s expatriate personnel in one location through a dedicated entity wholly owned by the Group. Also, the HR department had the objective to standardize expatriate employment conditions, to insure social and tax equalization, control cost efficiency reduce the costs related to the management of managing their an international workforce, through the implementation of a common policy, so as to drive down to a complicated negotiations for each individual mobility conditions.

The Solution

After completing a full analysis, ITX proposed an action plan as follows:

  • Implementation of a Global Employment Company (GEC™) registered in Geneva, Switzerland, fully owned by this Multinational
  • Following the audit of various international conditions in force, definition of a standard international mobility guide applicable to all intra-group mobility regardless of the employee nationality and countries of assignment
  • Set up of a standard employment contract
  • Definition of the international social security and benefits coverage


Benefits of this system are:

  • Keep a complete control of expatriate management workforce worldwide
  • Ensure the application of a common international mobility policy to each employee in intra-group mobility
  • Offer attractive and consistent compensation and benefit packages
  • Ensure a better cost control
  • Benefit from a center of expertise in order to better manage international employees in response to fast changing operational needs
  • Achieve standardization and simplification of all administrative HR processes
  • Respect of confidentiality concerning employment conditions
  • Manage the payroll of all expatriates through a unique customized ERP