Talent recruitment/retention and intra group convergence

This Swiss company produces highly specialized complex unique machinery for customers on the 5 continents. The Equipment that they sell requires ultra-specialized engineers, who are recruited internationally, as it becomes more and more difficult to hire from Switzerland and then expatriate.

The context:

A Swiss company produces highly technological machinery for customers on all 5 continents. The Equipment that they sell requires extremely specialized engineers that can no longer only be found locally, having to recruit more and more employees from all over the world.

The Challenge:

This Swiss company already had their internal solution to manage expatriates in intra-group mobility. This company needed some advice on how to integrate international profiles whilst proposing a unique adaptable package for all employees with various home countries.

The Solution:

The International Mobility Consulting (IMC) department proposed the following solution:

  • New employment contract adapted to international mobility needs compatible with international law and jurisdictions.
  • Implementation of an international pension plan and Life and disability coverage
  • Reviewing and implementation of a new custom made international mobility policy