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Good consulting, good consultants in legal, Hr and Compensation and Benefits are not always easy to find 🙁 …

And when you finally find THE one !

It is then a question of price of course BUT mostly a question of being listened and understood !

It is hard to find someone who really knows your business and can really get a feeling of your pains with International Mobility !

At ITXour Global Mobility Experts are FIRST OF ALL Field Experts ! They know what you live; They have been in your seats and surely know how to listen and answer properly to your very special needs !

Come check this out by yourself and give it a try ! You can contact us via our website or by sending me an email :  

I’ll offer you a one hour of FREE Consulting with our Experts as a welcome gift 😉

I wish you all a great day and look forward to seeing you on the great roads of mobility !

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Vincent Hennequin

International Sales and Marketing Manager

Mobile: +41 79 637 33 27
Direct line: +41 22 309 35 39