International Approach


Employees managed under a Global Employment Company (GEC™)


Setting up a GEC™ within a Group / Multinational Company provides a centralized administration unit for the management of expatriates in one location, regardless of  the nationality of employees and/or  their country of assignment.
Such centralized structure facilitates in particular:

  • Implementation of GEC™ specific International Mobility Rules called: “Global Mobility Guide”.
  • A base of Contractual documents (International Work Contract, Addendum,…).
  • Organization and monitoring of relocation (Moving, Accommodation in the host country, Furniture, Visas, Work and Residence Permits,…).
  • Monitoring Schooling as well as benefits for spouses.
  • International Payroll (COLA, Hardships, Allowances, HypotheticalTax,…).
  • International Social Coverage.
  • Expense Management.
  • Monitoring chargeback costs to the different Cost Centers.
  • Reporting in real time to Career/Talent Corporate Management.

Centralization significantly reduces time and costs to organize international assignments by using single touch-points and increasing the effectiveness of operations within the GEC™.

ITX today has successfully set up Global Employment Companies (GEC’s™ ) in Singapore, London and Geneva.
The choice of location is guided by the specific needs of our Customers.

National Approach


Employees managed under Employment contract from their Mother company.


“National Approach” refers to a situation where the package of internationally mobile employees is either linked to their Home or Host Country; especially pertaining to their employment contract and social coverage (i.e. Local +).

Generally Groups/Multinational Companies who practice this employment method establish “International Mobility Corporate Rules” that are not completely observed and applied in each of their subsidiaries. When there is a change in Corporate Rules, it is necessary for the HR Headquarters to ensure that such changes are well understood and applied by each subsidiary who takes on expatriate employees.

We observe that more and more Groups/Multinational Companies using the “National Approach “resort to the using of a GECTM to coordinate the “International Mobility Corporate Rules” with the objective of better controlling follow up and ensuring an accurate reporting for employees coming from different subsidiaries and those who are assigned worldwide.