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ITX focus on TCN Management

Most of the time Groups/Multinational Companies have a pool of expatriate employees they manage from their headquarters. Sometimes, they need to seek talents from other countries than their home base, to send to their subsidiaries. These expatriate employees are usually called: TCN (Third Country National).

Employees from Headquarters usually benefit from the “International Mobility HR Department’s” large experience.

By contrast, TCN employees are usually more complex to manage due to the multiplicity of possible Home and Host combinations. Also, setting up a GECTM for TCN’s allows Customer to have a powerful tool to manage all employees.

The GECTM ensures that TCN centralized management practices follows the lines of the “Global Mobility Guide”, which advantages are described in our pages International Approach and National Approach.

Mobility Guide

A unique “Global Mobility Guide” within the GECTM will guarantee all international assignees a fair treatment terms of compensation and benefits, no matter where they originate from, be it, Japan, China, Brazil, The Netherlands or others…Furthermore employment terms and conditions will match the exact needs of the Client in all locations.

It is possible to have sub-types of « Global Mobility Policies », such as :

  • Intra-Group Expatriates.
  • Training Expats.
  • Recruitment of Experts (external hires).
  • Post-retirement assignment program.

Moreover the “Global Mobility Guide”, provides the international assignee the real feeling of belonging to the Corporation throughout his/her international career and increases his/her loyalty.

Finally, the « Global Mobility Guide » allows standardisation and simplification of all international mobility processes: Indeed, it facilitates update and review of a single policy ensuring ease of administration