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A multinational Group currently employs over 150 expatriates in intra-group mobility …

  • mainly French, Italian and American nationals;
  • assigned in Asia (60% Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan) and the United States;
  • under local plus contracts (without maintaining voluntary insurance in the country of origin).

Their APAC HR have tended to favor a local approach until now, which has reached its limits, given the disadvantages for international employees in terms of flexibility and the risk of coverage gaps.

  • The challenge today at Group level would be to guarantee a minimum pension coverage for all employees in intragroup mobility; in a purpose of compliance and risks prevention regarding corporate responsibility through the implementation of a specific solution for international assignees.
  • The “local plus contract” approach would be retained. However the company could provide for a contribution (to be defined) subject to proof of membership in a voluntary insurance scheme in the Country of Origin (when possible) or an equivalent pension scheme locally. Failing this, an equivalent contribution could be invested through an international pension plan at Group level.

In this context, the Multinational Group wishes to implement clear rules that make sense through different alternatives to preserve the employee’s retirement rights and avoid gaps in terms of benefits or possible lack of coverage for international assignees, in particular through the implementation of a dedicated International Pension Plan (IPP) at Group level.

ITX was therefore asked to carry out a pre-analysis of the existing pension schemes (in terms of contributions and benefits) in the following countries of origin : Switzerland, France, USA, UK, Germany, Italy and India), in order to determine possible solutions for expatriates through voluntary insurances in their home country (in whole or in part) or any contributions to be paid by default in the IPP with the objective of a mirror effect with the home country in terms of benefits when applicable.

This study consists of a pre-analysis and recommendation in terms of solutions by country of origin, on the basis of which the modalities for setting up a pension plan will then be presented.

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