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International assignments and career expatriates are key resources for international Group’s operations. In today’s complex and changing legal environment specific to international mobility, companies need professional and specialized Legal & Consulting Services.

Specialized in the field of Global Mobility for more than 15 years, ITX has witnessed the rapid evolution and the constantly growing role of Global Mobility  within each organization. With its vast experience, ITX has developed its expertise, qualifications and abilities to provide Legal and Consulting Services in this field.

Our core services lead us to support and facilitate our clients in reviewing their approach of global mobility programs.

Regardless if companies use their Global Mobility programs to increase their geographic footprint, run their existing activities or as part of talent management or career development programs, legal compliance and consistency among all countries is essential. Countries around the world are constantly  revising their legislations and this requires companies to stay alert and be able to quickly adapt to new legal environments so as to always stay compliant and mitigate any legal risks.



As part of a contract of services, on request or through an annual subscription of consulting hours, ITX can bring its know-how, expertise and experience within 4 main areas of International Human Resources and intra-Group global mobility.


  • Corporate Law
  • Individual Corporate Law
  • Social Insurance Law
  • Ligitation Matters


  • Expatriation remuneration package
  • International social coverage
  • Request For Proposal


  • Mobility policies
  • Mobility  processes
  • Operational guide
  • International Mobility Auditing


  • Full payroll architecture
  • Payroll managing process
  • Payroll Auditing


To find out more about our different programs please contact Mrs. Mariana Santos at: or +41 22 309 35 60