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International Mobility has increased in response to globalization : more and more employees, of various nationalities, are driven to go on international assignments in order to develop their company’s activities.

Traditional expatriation is generally based on two systems, the “home base” option (secondment) and the “host base” option (localization). These two approaches that are adapted to groups of people with the same nationality can have the following consequences when applied to employees of different nationalities :

  • Management costs are increased due to, among other things, the presence in the majority of the home and host countries of international assignments specialists.
  • Dilution of Corporate policies due to the number of HR and line managers involved in a move (communication issues) and to the diversity of cultural approaches (ie. Housing policies, vacations policies, etc.).
  • Benefit packages that vary based on the different countries’ social practices.

The Concept

ITX has developed a concept that centralizes in one single place all the activities related to the management of international assignments, thanks to :

  • One single international policy applicable to all regardless of nationality and country of assignment.
  • Benefits packages adapted to international mobility comparable and sometimes identical for all employees (the few exceptions are easily managed through this concept).
  • Cost control due to the reduction of the international management costs and to the real expertise acquired by the HR team.

How the concept works

ITX offers its Experts’ know-how to its clients : mostly multinational Groups and large local companies with international activities.

The different steps may be describes as follows :

  • Auditing the international population involved: a detailed overview of the nationalities, countries of assignment, current social systems and benefit packages, …
  • Setting up or adapting the international mobility policy based on the client company’s objectives.
  • Defining the place where to set up the international employee management department.
  • Assisting in creating a department or company to handle and manage the international employees.
  • Setting up benefit packages considering the specific requirements of each client company.
  • Setting up standard employment contracts for international employees.
  • Adapting the HR software (payroll and accounting).
  • Assisting the company in its international communication on this concept.
  • Assisting the client company or managing on its behalf the department that manages the international employees.

Our Experts’ “Extra Services”

1.  Perfect knowledge of the standard tools used in the mobility process (Mercer, ORC, ECA, etc) :

  • A real expertise in social security systems and tax obligations in numerous countries.
  • A large network of contacts in matters related to housing and schooling.

2.  HR assistance in setting up new companies around the world : setting up culturally adapted recruitment tests, job evaluations, competitive remuneration policies, local employment contracts, company rules and regulations, as well as adapting payroll software to the regulations of the new country.

3.  Intercultural training : organizing the training program for the preparation of future mobile employees (as well as their families) to the expatriation process and to intercultural integration in the country of assignment.

4.  Coaching : Follow-up of the mobile employees from their departure and during their foreign assignment ; counseling them and their families on all the subjects related to their new environment: country, city, social rules, network of contacts, management of crisis situations related to strong changes, stress and unknown situations.

5.  Insurances : ITX’s knowledge of the insurance business allows its experts to offer clients the best situations for its international personnel as well as for its local employees.

6.  Relocation, administrative procedures (works permits, visas), outplacement : ITX offers its international network to its clients.

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