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ITX has set up innovative techniques and flexible solutions for mobile personnel and their employers; solutions that will offer simplified expatriate administration, adaptable pension plans and relevant compensation packages.

The last century has indeed seen a tremendous increase in international mobility and this trend will continue. It will bring more complexity in the recruitment and assignment of mobile employees and require that companies take into account an increased variety of nationalities, countries and environments as well as constantly changing social systems and labor legislations.

Rationalize the management of international mobility

Centralize in one single country the administration of all your expatriates whatever their nationalities and country of assignment by setting up an expatriate management center that allows you to harmonize your expatriates’ employment contracts and benefits packages. It also offers great flexibility in the way the expatriate population can be managed by being adaptable to your objectives and internal policies.

Set up a center in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is an international center where you can find many United Nations organizations as well as multinational companies’ headquarters. Switzerland has also signed social security agreements with a variety of countries. Its labor legislation is straightforward and its local social security system is an excellent base to set up packages that are adapted to expatriation offering high quality social coverage to your expatriates.

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