Who we help

Any company with expatriate employees (mandates, secondments, local hires etc…) who has challenges with international mobility, who wants to keep direct control of their international workforce, and who is looking for a solution other than resorting to contracting companies.

Companies recognizing the need to integrate Mobility in their overall management as a key factor in managing fast growth in new markets will find that ITX will adapt and personalize its services to the exact needs of the companies that choose to work with ITX.

Many companies who resort to outsourcing providers (Contractors) do not necessarily resolve all of their challenges. One of the clear differentiating point with the GECTM, is that ITX is able to advise on the implementation of clear and effective solutions for Third Country Nationals (TCN’s).

In this way, ITX’s service is a key strategic tool that enables companies to move key staff internationally with minimum internal problems, with a set of highly personalizable tools based on the latest technology available.

Also, with a GECTM or GMS-STM service, all the data concerning mobility is centralized in one point. This data is available for the customer, and can be used for providing clear and global reporting, and used by the company for comprehensive analysis and decision making.