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Virtual Mobility Forum

29th October 2020 from 8:30 AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney)

USE your ITX VIP REGISTRATION for the Virtual Global Mobility Forum 2020 by Jasper Events
It is on Thursday 29th October starting at 08:30 AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne)
05:30 Perth, Singapore & HK, 29th October
17:30 New York (previous day 28th Oct)
14:30 San Francisco (previous day 28th Oct)
22:30 Paris (previous day 28th Oct)
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We will be discussing

“The Benefits, Challenges and Limitations of Global Employment Companies” 

via the ITX interactive seminar sessions

Today’s most successful organisations recognise “agility” as a critical success factor to thrive in an ever-changing and increasingly volatile business environment.  Businesses are having to adjust their strategies more frequently, and re-align their organization accordingly.  In order to do this successfully, organizations need to secure the best resources and deploy them quickly and efficiently where the skills and experience are required.  Global talent sourcing is today an essential part of organizational strategies. HR and Mobility professionals are expected to play their part by injecting resilience and efficiency into mobility policies, processes and service delivery models. Many leading organizations have implemented Global Employment Companies to achieve better alignment between the Mobility function and the business, whilst managing costs and mitigating risk.  In this session we explore the benefits, challenges and limitations of Global Employment Companies, and how these can be used to future-proof Mobility programs.

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