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International assignments and career expatriates are key resources for international Group’s operations. In today’s complex and changing legal environment specific to international mobility, companies need professional and specialized Legal & Consulting Services.

Specialized in the field of Global Mobility for more than 20 years, ITX has witnessed the rapid evolution and the constantly growing role of Global Mobility within each organization.

With its vast operational experience through the implementation and daily management of Global Employment Companies (representing an expatriate portfolio reaching over 5’000 international employees in 2018), ITX has developed its expertise, qualifications and abilities to provide International Mobility Consulting Services in this field.

ITX has successfully demonstrated its ability to provide a high level of services in this regard to demanding multinational group to help them meet their standards and requirements, from “on request studies” to “full operational solutions”.


ITX can bring its International Mobility Consulting know-how, expertise and experience in International Human Resources and intra-Group global mobility in 3 main areas, as follows:


 Corporate law

  • Assistance in general company law for the set-up of Global Employment Companies;
  • Support for daily corporate operations and legal acts (incorporation of a company; article of association; Board of Directors and General Shareholders meetings; Trade register requirements…);
  • Legal assistance in drafting and reviewing of intercompany invoicing contracts related to Employee’s intragroup mobility.

 Individual Labour Law

  • Audit of Clients practices and compliance;
  • Employment terms and conditions within an international context;
  • Determination of the applicable legislation (conflict laws-jurisdictions) and options;
  • Advice and consulting on international contract issues ;
  • Concerted transfer and mutation of international employees;
  • End of contracts (Protected categories, Notice periods, severance payment, managerial dismissal, and other termination issues);
  • Risk prevention;
  • Assistance and advice to the pre-litigation stage (excluding litigation before courts);
  • Assistance in the context of dispute resolution by mutual agreementsor transactional agreement or multiparty agreement as part of international transactions.

Social Insurance Law

  • Determination ofthe applicable legislation for international employees depending on their status (Posting/Expatriation/Pluri-activity) and administrative assistance regarding forms and procedures requirements;
  • Employees legal rights and benefits entitlements (Retirement, Death and Disability, health, maternity, unemployment, Family allowances …) and coordination between various systems in place in compliance with National, European and International laws and regulations.

Corporate Tax

  • Tax related implications in the context of intragroup mobility (Intercompany agreement – Permanent Establishment – Withholding taxes on rebilling agreements).


International social coverage

  • Audit of the Client’s international benefits programs;
  • Design the most appropriate and cost effective social scheme according to Client needs;
  • Coordination between mandatory and private systems including, where possible, international social security agreements;
  • Implementation of an international coverage:
    • Occupational pension scheme: National retirement plans, top-up plans, pension and savings funds;
    • Life and Long term disability Plan: Level and percentage of coverage; Post-employment continuance;
    • Health and medical plan: Level and percentage of coverage (1st EUR plans or other);
    • Repatriation;
    • Unemployment coverage : Depending on coordination of EU and Switzerland schemes implementation of International unemployment funds;
    • Voluntary insurance in counties of origin and possible alternative (analysis of advantages and disadvantages) as part of international assignment.

Request For Proposal

  • Defining needs and selecting vendors;
  • Participation to defining the list of specifications and deliverables;
  • RFP structure and requirements;
  • Reception of Proposals;
  • Pre assessment of Offers;
  • First point of contact for vendors during the pre-selection round;
  • Participation to selection round(s).


International Mobility Auditing

  • Review and recommendations of current practices and organisation
  • Review and recommendations of exciting expatriate statuses and packages
  • Compliance with Group’s policy(ies)
  • Payroll processes:
  • Information and validation flow
  • Payroll accuracy, control and reporting

Mobility policies

  • Audit of the Client international mobility processes and policies;
  • Advice and guidelines on international compensation methodologies;
  • Optimization of international assignment administration;
  • Pre-assignment vested rights (annual leave, variable remuneration…);
  • Home and expatriate remuneration;
  • Design/creation/review of custom made international mobility policies and best practices, operational guide ranging from a simple set of operational recommendations to an extensive manual :
    • Status definition (Long-Mid-Short term, Rotators, Local +…);
    • Remuneration breakdown;
    • Expatriation benefits (Mobility premium, COLA, Housing, taxes equalization, hypothetical tax, schooling, home leave, leave entitlement and balance calculation, set up allowance…);
    • Removal, relocation and “house hunting”;
    • Family and spouse support programs;
    • Expatriation cost and their allocation.

Mobility processes

  • Review of mobility on boarding, reassignment and termination processes
    • Information and validation flow;
    • “Who does what;
    • Track changes, record, control.

Operational guide

  • Comprehensive document mapping each step of the execution of expatriate administration including Mobility Processes, Payroll, Compensation & Benefits, and expatriate support.

ITX applies and guarantees the highest standards of compliance and quality. Our value add to you is to deliver practical and operational solutions tailored to best suit your business and project requirements.

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