Expatriate management





Global Mobility Monitoring Service  – GMM

The Global Mobility Monitoring (GMM™) service is different from a GEC™ for two main reasons: that “home” country contracts of employees are upheld and that international mobility is operated from countries of origin and not from a specific dedicated entity.

A GMM allows you to externalise a number of HR services linked or related to expatriate management such as: the follow-up of assignments, HR admin & Legal tasks, international payroll (through a customizable ERP), expense report management and financial reporting. Through this service, several departments (International Mobility, Talent Management, Security…) can be brought together to manage, control and share the information of populations abroad (Long & Short term assignments, Local +).

The objectives of a GMM™ service is to guarantee the correct application and monitoring of common mobility policies for all expatriates, to enhance the visibility, to keep track of high potentials and to give access to a central database to contact employees (as well as their families) that can help coordinate crisis situations.

The GMM™ service is an ideal tool to map your expatriate population around the world, to harmonize your practices, to manage costs in a more efficient way, to reduce non-compliant situations, to simplify procedures and to centralize all expatriate related information.


Global Employment Company
An original concept from ITX

The GEC™ (Global Employment Company), as a shared services, is a concept originally developed by the founders of ITX. It was created to resolve a number of challenges that companies face when they need to send their employees abroad.

More often than not, management of international mobility is uncoordinated within groups as a result of employment policies that lack integration with the overall management of the company. By centralizing this function, on a group level, or a division level, with the GEC™, management has a tool that allows for coherent and equitable employment packages for the workforce that they need to move across borders. Furthermore, when business expansion is increasingly directed towards countries where required competencies need to be optimally allocated, the GEC™ becomes a trusted “Strategic Tool” to bring the right competencies to the right markets in a timely manner.

The increasing complexity in an international context, the desire to ensure that employees benefit from reliable and equitable coverage particularly adapted to international mobility regardless their nationality, and the need for even more coherent, diligent and effective management lead international Groups to organize the employment of international employees in intra-group mobility through a dedicated entity, GEC™.

What is a GEC™?

A GEC™ is a wholly owned entity of a Group which employs and manages  international mobile workforce within the Group.

The advantages of a GEC™ include easier cost control, streamlined administration, common treatment of international employees and reinforced overall group unity.