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Multinational companies grow thanks to geographical expansion.

Ensuring success in his endeavor largely depends on the ability to deploy the best possible people in key areas across the planet.

ITX’s mission is to help do this most effectively.


A clear policy – The right Corporate Structure – Effective Processes

1. Clear Policy.

For decentralized structures, localization makes sense. However this has its own challenges. For any executive, moving to a different country to take up a position is a decision that generally will impact his career positively. But such move generally involves his family, and makes the decision delicate. This often leads to lengthy discussions and negotiations. ITX has built considerable experience in smoothing this process out. The first task is an in-depth analysis of the customer’s mobility requirements, in order to provide advice on the most effective general policy for expatriation, whether it is based on localization, or managed centrally. The objective with this is to provide a fair general guideline for all expatriates employees, with the aim to preserve their loyalty and optimize the costs of expatriation.

2. The right Corporate Structure.

Once it is decided to detach any given person to a foreign country, the challenge is to do this effectively from a cost point of view, as well as from a contractual point of view for the employee. ITX has created a system based on an effective corporate structure entirely controlled by the customer, which optimizes costs for the employment of expatriates, as well as the continuity of their benefits as accumulated over years of employment.

3. Effective Processes

ITX has constantly improved its processes to get ISO 9001 in 2013. ITX is also constantly maintaining its IT based on the latest secure technologies, hence ensuring the required confidentiality of sensitive customer data.

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