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ITX advises international organizations on Global Mobility matters.

Typically, ITX achieves simplification of expatriation programs, a better costs control in full compliance with regulations.

ITX provides a unique offer from “on request study” to “full-operational solutions”.


ITX today mainly has customers in Europe.

Within the next few coming years, ITX plans to be present on the 5 continents, making its way to countries and customers where it knows its services are most pertinent.

















Key Company Data

High Secured Data Center

Large Network

ISO 9001 certified

High Performing Tools

Geographical Coverage

More than 1  Countries

Geneva (HQ) & Singapore

Quick History

Founded in 2000 by seasoned HR and Finance executives totaling 40 years of global mobility experience within large corporations, they were the pioneers in the large and fast growing Global Mobility Management phenomenon.

The founders conceived a novel way to look after the group’s numerous expatriate employees by using a corporate structure whose role is to employ expatriate employees during their different worldwide assignments.

ITX’s management team, led by Christophe Malavallon, CEO since 2011, has developed a proven solution, addressing Multinationals’ needs for mobility services.

In the year 2000 the concept of the Global Employment Company (GEC™) was “packaged” and met with quick adoption by several large corporations who were searching to meet effectively the challenges of international mobility.

ITX quickly developed a competence, especially in the management of TCN’s (Third Country Nationals), External Hires, Nomads, and nowadays Intra Group Mobility Assignees are located in over 130 countries across the globe.

In 2012, ITX’s Shareholders and Management decided to look for a Private Equity firm that would be interested in developing the Company internationally. They decided to partner with Milestone Capital, who became the majority shareholder.

Milestone is an Anglo-French Private Equity firm with a track record of investing in fast growing companies and building them up, in collaboration with existing and new experienced management teams. In the last days of the year 2012, Milestone took over as the majority shareholder, and is striving through an active Board of Directors collaborating closely with CEO Christophe Malavallon, to grow and pro-actively structure ITX as a multinational company. In April 2014, ITX opened its Singapore operations and is now managing expatriate employees through a Singapore based Global Employment Company (GEC™). In June 2014 a London office was opened as well for the same purpose to operate Global Employment Companies (GEC™) from the U.K. ITX launched in 2015 the Global Mobility Monitoring (GMM™) service to help companies to better monitor their international workforce.

It advises international organizations on Global Mobility matters, achieving the simplification of expatriation programs with a better costs control, in full compliance with regulations. ITX provides a unique offer from on-request study to full-operational solutions.

Senior Management

Christophe Malavallon

Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Paul Chollet

Chief Financial Officer

Charles-Alban Vernier

Chief Expatriate Management Officer

Émilie Rulland

Chief International Mobility Consulting Officer

Marcos Ares

Chief Information & Security Officer

Mario Ferraro

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Muriel Hannecart

Customer Success Manager

Our Values

Team Spirit

We work together, trust and support each other to grow and succeed.

Customer Oriented

We put customers in the heart of our processes and work hand in hand to build long-term partnerships.


We combine know-how and experience to deliver expert services.


We value difference in backgrounds, cultures and ideas, it contributes to offer and achieve more.