Specialized in the field of Global Mobility for more than 20 years, ITX has witnessed the rapid evolution and the constantly growing role of Global Mobility within each organization. With its vast experience,  ITX has  developed  its  expertise and qualifications.

Since ITX started, over 30,000 expatriate cases have been monitored by our experts, in well over 130 different countries.

Through this level of activity, ITX has  developed  a wealth of information regarding employment conditions and regulations in  countries worldwide, within and outside EU through each case study we have resolved. Whenever a new customer  needs answers on international mobility issues, it is likely that ITX has a solution. ITX also has an International Mobility Consulting department who can deliver its expertise to meet client operational needs.

Over the years, ITX has also developed a large set of IT Infrastructure as well as several proprietary programs on a well-known ERP, and applications in order to  standardize expatriates management and to ensure data security and payroll automation in a complex international environment.

ITX has invested massively in new technology to allow us to take the turn of digitalization in the best conditions.

IT Infrastructure

Private Data Center

ITX has chosen to base its full infrastructure on a state-of-the-art Private Data Center. The two main purposes for this were to have the most secure environment for maximum confidentiality for our customer’s data, and to ensure the highest reliability and availability of the IT infrastructure.

Private Data Center means that we always know where the customer’s data is stored, that we have full control over it, with no possible access from any third party. Furthermore the infrastructure is located in a primary data center in Geneva – Switzerland, backed up by a secondary data center. Therefore, in case of disaster, ITX ensures the safeguard of your data and business continuity.

ISO 9001

As a service company, ITX is extremely focused on the level of quality it delivers.

In addition to offering our clients and stakeholders the best possible service, we are committed to ensuring that every department in the company works to the highest standard in quality management.

This commitment was the deciding factor for ITX to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 certification as the baseline for the company’s quality management system. This certification reflects our commitment to continuously improve the quality of service delivered to our clients.

The implementation of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015 standards allows us to provide reliable, cost effective, mission-critical, trouble free HR expatriate operations, thereby providing a high-level service to customers. Additionally, the standards help us to achieve consistent results and continually improve our processes.


The experience developed by ITX by working with many clients for more than 20 years enabled us to develop an efficient model based on best practices, which can be efficiently implemented and adapted to support any organization with employees moving across borders. 

Our activity dictates to follow precisely each step of the expatriation and use of the appropriate documents in each circumstance. One of the many examples of the upgrade of our standards is that even though we had extremely precise procedures we decided to draw a complete interactive sequenced mapping from “On-boarding” to “Return” including high-level and sub-processes. In parallel, we have in use thousands of different forms and templates, contracts of employments, communication and other copies of various documents for which we created a completely independent and hermetic e-repository where all the documentation is stored, controlled, updated and reviewed.

Interactive links between both the mapping and the repository eases and accrues the quality of daily management, facilitates incorporation of new clients and internal trainings but also ensures a safe continuity of the activities at all times.