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Virtual Assignments

Manage a geographically distributed workforce efficiently whilst mitigating risk.

The digitization of work is opening new opportunities to access the best resources without physically moving them. Our Remote Employment solutions enable organizations to streamline the management of a geographically distributed workforce, whilst ensuring compliance and high levels of employee support around the world.

Our Remote Employment solutions provide the flexibility to manage virtual and non-virtual assignments in an efficient and consistent way, allowing organizations to leverage the power of Remote Employment and Global Talent Sourcing.

Charles-Alban Vernier – Chief Expatriate Management Officer

International Mobility Consulting (IMC™)

A high level of service meeting those held by multinational groups.

The IMC is comprised of specialists in 3 areas of expertise: Legal, Human Resources and Compensation & Benefits. They can answer specific queries or through a study answer more complex situations.

Are you ready to work with our field experienced Global Mobility Professionals?

Emilie Rulland – Chief International Mobility Consulting Officer

Global Employment Company (GEC™)

Resolve the multitude of challenges that companies face with international mobility.

GEC is a trusted  “strategic tool” to bring the right competencies to the right markets in a timely manner. It provides a coherent and equitable employment package for the workforce. It also allows an easier cost control with streamlined administration.

Here is your smart solution for “in-house” externalized services
Your expatriates stay “at home” within your group!

Charles-Alban Vernier – Chief Expatriate Management Officer

Global Mobility Shared Services (GMS-S™)

A home country contracts for all your employees.

GMS-S is an ideal tool to map your expatriate population around the world, harmonize your practices, centralize all expatriate related information, to reduce non-compliant situation and simplify procedures.

Why don’t we make International Mobility simple together?

Emilie Rulland – Chief International Mobility Consulting Officer


The CONNECTED Global Mobility Digital Platform by ITX

ITX has launched its digital platform for Global Mobility Management, called “CONNECTED”. The tool centralizes and streamlines the coordination and exchange of information between expatriates, HR professionals and third party vendors in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Connected was Co-developed by the Users, for the Users!

Marcos Ares – Chief Information and Security Officer