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If you are an international organization moving employees across borders, you too can achieve:


Achieve significant cost savings by adopting ITX' proven solutions, currently used by major multinationals with assignees in more than 130 countries worldwide


Access specialist expertise and technology infrastructure, with no need for capital expenditure


Accurately budget the investment in HR Administration and the level of service delivered to your Managers and assignees


Achieve faster cross-border deployment timelines


Gain full visibility of your physical and virtual assignments. Implement policies and policies consistently, in full compliance with applicable regulations


Implement an administrative model that can be quickly re-aligned, scaled-up or scaled-down

NEW AT ITX: “Virtual Assignments”
Challenges and realistic solutions

Manage a geographically distributed workforce efficiently whilst mitigating risk

The digitization of work is opening new opportunities to access the best resources without physically moving them.

Our Remote Employment solutions enable organizations to streamline the management of a geographically distributed workforce, whilst ensuring compliance and high levels of employee support around the world.

Our Remote Employment solutions provide the flexibility to manage virtual and non-virtual assignments in an efficient and consistent way, allowing organizations to leverage the power of Remote Employment and Global Talent Sourcing.

Charles-Alban Vernier
Chief Expatriate Management Officer


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since 2000

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multinational organizations

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managed every day

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130 countries

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1st in Europe to adopt
Cisco HyperFlex solution

Highly secured data corridor

Fully customized or
standard solutions

We are Experts

We help international organizations optimize the management of their international talent working across borders. Our solutions enable organizations to hire or deploy their employees anywhere in the world, physically or virtually, whilst controling costs, mitigating risks and simplifying processes.

ITX solutions deliver organizational agility through a fully scalable model requiring no investment in fixed costs or overheads. Consistent service levels and business continuity are guaranteed.

ITX services range from bespoke studies to fully-operational “turnkey” solutions based on each organization’s needs and priorities.

ITX is the world’s leader in the design, set-up and ongoing outsourced operation of Global Employment Companies, used today by many multinationals that recognized the opportunities and challenges of Global Talent Sourcing.

ITX is also a pioneer in the areas of Remote Employment and Virtual assignment solutions, and it was the first organization to develop an administrative framework to manage a geographically distributed workforce working remotely across borders.

ITX is proud to have supported some of the world's leading organizations including:

What is a global employment company (GEC™)?

A Global Employment Company (GEC™) is a wholly owned entity of a group that employs and manages a specific segment of its workforce. Typically, a GEC™ would be used to host employees who are expected to be internationally mobile, senior executives or “Virtual” assignees.

A GEC™ is a strategic tool that facilitates the efficient and rapid deployment of the right skills and expertise to the right markets, supported by a specialist team that guarantees efficiency, governance, control and compliance.

For more than 20 years, ITX has been the world’s undisputed leader in the design, set-up and operation of Global Employment Companies on behalf of major clients. On any given day, ITX supports more than 25,000 individuals using an outsourcing model that integrates seamlessly into the structure of the client’s organization.

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