A car manufacturing company strategizes to expand in numerous emerging markets worldwide by successfully adapting its models to various local markets. For this reason, as they set up new manufacturing and service operations, they need to move competencies around the world for short periods, whilst keeping a strong home country based approach.

The Challenge

In this context it was of vital importance to optimize the monitoring of its expatriate personnel as they noted that there was a significant lack of structure and governance. They also wished to outsource some HR services.

The Solution

After completing a thorough analysis, ITX proposed an action plan as follow:

  • ITX constituted a dedicated team for the GMS-S™ to manage and coordinate the international assignments of different home countries liaising with all involved stakeholders
  • Through a GMS-S™ all processes are well identified and operational guidelines are strictly applied respecting Group policy and values.
  • The setup of a specific software enabling the accurate and fast calculation of salary packages as expats move from one country to another whilst ensuring the application of international mobility package.
  • Onboarding expatriate employees (one stop structure in coordination with providers particularly relocation services, immigration, insurers, tax advisors).

The Benefits

The direct benefits of the Global Mobility Shared Services solution (GMS-S™) are:

  • Ensure the application of a common international policy by home countries entities
  • Centralize expatriate management on behalf of home countries entities
  • Have at any time a group mapping of expatriate locations
  • A better overall governance, with a precise understanding of the expatriate workforce costs across the entire group
  • The ability to move forces when and where it is necessary
  • Improve administrative efficiency and to reinforce worldwide group guidelines application
  • Secure sensitive employment data
  • Absorb with ease the increase in staff numbers
  • Continuous assistance by various experts within the field of International Mobility